Cryoconservation or cryopreservation is a process aimed at preserving germ cells or embryos in a frozen state within liquid nitrogen for later use. Cryoconservation uses media that contain cryoprotective agents- substances that protect cells during any fall in temperature. This is a safe method for freezing biological material.

Sperm cryoconservation (sperm banking)

In assisted reproduction, semen cryoconservation is a well-established and safe method that has been used successfully for a number of years now. The quality of the cryopreserved sperm is completely comparable with that of fresh sperm. The client´s own sperm, donor sperm or sperm collected using microsurgical procedures may be used.

Embryo cryoconservation

Embryo cryoconservation is an integral component of assisted reproduction. It predominantly serves to store surplus embryos (those not used for embryo transfer) in a given cycle. Only well-developed embryos can be frozen. In other cases, we freeze embryos for patients at a higher risk of hyperstimulation syndrome, those with insufficient uterine mucosa growth, and those with pathological findings on their reproductive organs that impede embryo implantation or in patients suffering from an acute illness that makes pregnancy impossible.

Oocyte cryoconservation (egg banking)

Oocyte cryoconservation is recommended for patients prior to any oncological treatment. Oocyte (egg) freezing is also promoted as so-called Social Freezing. This involves oocyte (egg) cryoconservation of women´s own germinal cells for a later time when they might want to decide to plan pregnancy.

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