Continuous monitoring of embryos using the GERI device helps record and analyse the dynamics of embryonic development 24 hours a day.

The subsequent detailed analysis based on the acquired digital records enables an objective evaluation of the embryos.

The whole monitoring process takes place in a sealed incubator. One advantage is that it is not necessary to remove the embryos for the purpose of observation and the embryos are thus less exposed to unfavourable conditions during embryonic development. Besides the dynamics of embryonic development, the recording obtained can help assess embryo morphology in detail. We can thus select the best embryo for transfer. Moreover in some cases, we can decide, based on the recordings, when to potentially opt in a subsequent cycle for donor gametes (sexual reproductive cell).

In the case of certain methods (e.g. oocyte maturation under laboratory conditions in IVM), monitoring enables us to determine the ideal time for introducing the sperm into the oocyte (egg) via an injection (ICSI).

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